Results of the Post 2021 Method

Stream Information
Site Id MWA-06-38-02
Name Penoyer Creek
County Newaygo
Description Rowe Dam #1; Rowe Street deadends at RR grade which is walked upstream
Latitude 43.42535
Longitude -85.79857

Macro Order Entry Information
Date 2022-05-15
Collection Time Start 10:10:00.00
Avg Water Depth(ft) 1
Weather conditions from last week Heavy rain, hot, sunny
Site Condition Issues N/A
Habitat Riffles absence
Habitat Rocks presence
Habitat Aquatic Plants presence
Habitat Runs presence
Habitat Backwater absence
Habitat Leaf Packs absence
Habitat Pools presence
Habitat Undercut-Vegetation presence
Habitat Wood presence
Collection Finish Time 10:40:00.00
ID Confidence 5
Hellgrammite (Dobsonfly) 1
Clubtail Dragonfly --
Sensitive True Flies (water snipe fly, net-winged midge, dixid midge) --
Stonefly 2
Caddisfly 4
Mayfly 7
Alderfly --
Scud 112
Dragonfly --
Beetle 2
Somewhat Sensitive True Flies 9
Crayfish 1
Bivalves/Snails 6
True Bug --
Damselfly 1
Sowbug --
Tolerant Truefly (mosquito, rat-tailed maggot, soldier fly) --
Leech 1
Aquatic Worm 4
Total Abundance 150
Total Diversity 12
Water Quality Rating Score 4.31
Water Quality Rating Category Very Good