Results of the Post 2021 Method

Stream Information
Site Id TWC-Northport4
Name Northport Creek
County Leelanau
Description Rose and Second Street Crossing
Latitude 45.1303326816058
Longitude -85.6145453453064

Macro Order Entry Information
Date 2022-06-09
Collection Time Start 11:40:00.00
Avg Water Depth(ft) 2
Weather conditions from last week Unseasonably cool, very little rain
Site Condition Issues None
Habitat Riffles presence
Habitat Rocks presence
Habitat Aquatic Plants presence
Habitat Runs presence
Habitat Backwater absence
Habitat Leaf Packs presence
Habitat Pools presence
Habitat Undercut-Vegetation presence
Habitat Wood presence
Collection Finish Time 12:05:00.00
ID Confidence 3
Hellgrammite (Dobsonfly) --
Clubtail Dragonfly --
Sensitive True Flies (water snipe fly, net-winged midge, dixid midge) 23
Stonefly --
Caddisfly 5
Mayfly 5
Alderfly --
Scud 22
Dragonfly --
Beetle 7
Somewhat Sensitive True Flies 3
Crayfish --
Bivalves/Snails --
True Bug --
Damselfly --
Sowbug 19
Tolerant Truefly (mosquito, rat-tailed maggot, soldier fly) 1
Leech 2
Aquatic Worm 2
Total Abundance 89
Total Diversity 10
Water Quality Rating Score 4.43
Water Quality Rating Category Very Good